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Understanding Mycology & The Roles Of Each Player.

First Off Let Me Say This Will Be A On Going Post. So My Role Is To Provide You Clean Genetics In Which To Study. Your Role Is To Use Them Appropriately. So EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE DONE EVERYTHING CORRECTLY, most likely somewhere a mistake was made or you where spot on and the spores just didn't take. Thier are a million variables and any one if then can stop you dead in your tracks. People tend to be quick to blame the mycologist. "Your Bags Are Bad, Your Syringes Are Bad, You Uou You". Understand thier are inherent factors that will cause your jars to fail your bags to fail and just fail period. All you can do is mitigate those failure and contam rates. Now this is where you should ask your mycologist what to do. Let's stop blaming them.

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