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This Is Our Library Of Albino Type Psilocybe Cubensis Syringes. Albino Are Known To Be More Potent But A Little More Difficult To Grow. Each Syringe Is A 12ML Luer Lock That Is Packed Full Of Mycelium And Comes With A 16 Gauge One Inch Needle And Prep Pad These Are Far Superior To Spores Syringes As We Have Done All The Hard Work For You. We Have Taken Spores Grown Them Out On Agar, Sectored The Agar Off And Then Competed The Sectors In A Heads Up Bracket Tournament. After The Winner Has Been Chosen We Then Do One More Grow. On Flush 3 We Pick The Biggest Baddest Mushie And Take A Tissue Sample. From Thier That Tissue Sample Goes Back On Agar To Be Grown Out. From Thier Tissue Goes Into A Culture Medium(Our Culture Medium Is Propietary) Then The Syringes Get Pulled And Shipped Out To You The Consumer. So As You Can See Thier Is Alot Of Work When Starting From Spores And Doing Things The Right Way.

Albino Cubensis Liquid Culture Syringes

  • Care Instructions/Usage

    Always Store Unused Syringes In The Refrigerator. This Will Insure They Last Years.

    I Recommend Only Using 2-3ML Of LC Solution Per Jar/Bag/Whatever, With A Maxium Of 5ML.

  • Return/Refund Policy

    Every Batch Of Sryinges Are Tested Beginning, Middle And End Of The Pulling. In Saying That We Are Human And Shit Happens. So We Highly Recommend Testing Each Syringe Out On Agar Before Use. We Stand Behind All Of Our Products 100%. We Only Do That If Proper Procedures Are Followed. We Will Not Cover Any Of Our Products If Used On Other Vendors Products.

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