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12ML Liquid Culture Syringe With 16 Gauge Needle And Prep Pad.

The Jedi Mind Fuck mushroom strain is a rather new varietynot much known about its exact place of origin, we do know that it appeared sometime in the early 2000s.The spores of the Jedi Mind Fuck variety are dark purple in color, so much so that they can appear black. It is a fast colonizer that when mature produces large caps, thick stems, and when damaged or bruised, produces a dark blue coloration indicating its high levels of potency which is part of the reason why this strain is so popular for research.

Kingdom: Fungi Skill Required: 2/10

Divison: Basidiomycota Canopy: 7/10

Class: Agaricomycates Speed: 8/10

Order: Agaricales Potentcy: 5/10

Genus: Psilocybe Weight: 7/10

Species: Cubensis Resistancey:10/10

Jedi Mind Fuck Psilocybe Cubensis Liquid Culture Syringe

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$12.99Sale Price

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