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Leucistics Are Another Type Of Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms (Magic Mushrooms). Each Syringe Is 12ml Full Of Mycelium And Comes With 16 Gauge 1 Inch Needle And 70% Alcohol Prep Pad. Some Leucistic Are Some Of The Most Potent Cubensis You Can Get Your Hands On And They Are Very Simple To Cultivate.

Kingdom: Fungi Skill Required: 2-4/10

Divison: Basidiomycota Canopy: 5-8/10

Class: Agaricomycates Speed: 6-9/10

Order: Agaricales Potentcy: 7-10/10

Genus: Psilocybe Weight: 5-8/10

Species: Cubensis Resistancey:8'10/10

Leucistic Liquid Culture Syringes


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