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 Odpe or known as old dirty penis envy, this specific isolation originally isolated and stabilized by a mycologist known as “Joshua”. Odpe has prolific flushes and dense stout formations and some super fun and unique features. Containing unique coloring can vary from dark browns, blondes and greenish hughs. This variety was originated circa 2019 and has since remained semi elusive. These are must have for any collector looking to add a rare mushroom strain to any collection.

Kingdom: Fungi Skill Required: 6/10

Divison: Basidiomycota Canopy: 8/10

Class: Agaricomycates Speed: 7/10

Order: Agaricales Potentcy: 11/10

Genus: Psilocybe Weight: 9/10

Species: Cubensis Resistancey:10/10

ODPE (Old Dirty Penis Envy ) Psilocybe Cubensis Liquid Culture Syringe

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