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Do you want to expand your gardening knowledge and try something new? If so, you need the P.E.S.H. mushroom spore syringe! This ecologically friendly product is the perfect way to add variety to your gardening projects.

The P.E.S.H. mushroom spore syringe is made with fresh, ethically sourced psilocybe cubensis spore. Harvesting these mushrooms provides a safe, natural way to enjoy the outdoors while still engaging with the environment in a meaningful way. Not only can you see the results of your work with your own eyes, but the mushrooms grown from this spore syringe produce a variety of mushrooms that will allow you to experience the complexity of nature.

The P.E.S.H. mushroom spore syringe is designed to be easy to use and adaptable to any cultivation project. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cultivator, you'll be able to create a mushroom harvest that's tailored to your needs. Just insert the syringe, and you're ready to go!

Try the P.E.S.H. mushroom spore syringe today and enjoy the many benefits that come with growing these magnificent mushrooms! Join the eco-friendly crowd and experience the wonders of nature without ever leaving your own backyard.

P.E.S.H. Liquid Culture Syringe

$14.99 Regular Price
$12.99Sale Price

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