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Penis Envy Is A Type Of Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms(Magic Mushrooms). Each 12ML Syringe Comes Packed Full Of Live Mycelium. These Are Far Superior To Spore Syringes in Every Which Way. Penis Envy Type Are Known To Be Alot More Potent But Alittle Harder To Cultivate. However The Extra Effort Is Well Worth It. it Is Reported The Trip Last Far Longer With More Vivid Visuals And A Stronger Body Load

Kingdom: Fungi Skill Required: 3-5/10

Divison: Basidiomycota Canopy: 4-8/10

Class: Agaricomycates Speed: 4-7/10

Order: Agaricales Potentcy: 7-10/10

Genus: Psilocybe Weight: 7-10/10

Species: Cubensis Resistancey:6-8/10

Penis Envy Liquid Culture Syringes

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